Windjammers Circus Band:        for more informaiton:  Geroge Baker - 413-668-8382

The band performs the famous music the traditional American Circus. 

Opening: Entry of  the Gladiator               Sample recording 1
Horses:  Memphis the Majestic March
Caesar's Triumphal March
Clowns:  Miss Trombone                        Sample recording 5
Acrobats:  The Contonians March            Sample recording 2  
Trampoline:  Broadway One Step
Flying Act: Wedding of the Winds
Dogs and Ponies: Honey Boy on Parade
High Wire:  Kentucky Sunrise
Trombline:  Embossing the Emblem
Animal Acts:  the Thunderer
Clowns:  The Booster
Bare Back: Olympia Hippodrome March
Chimpanzees:  Clownette
High Sway Pole:  Sobre Las Olas
Juggles: Stop It                                      Sample recording 3          
Titter Board:  Folies Bergere
Roman Rings:  Crimson Petal                 Sample recording 4
Flying Acts:  Circus Echoes
Races:  Storming of el Caney
Closing:  Barnum and Bailey's Favorite    Sample recording 6