Happy Five Oompah Band

German Folk Music,  Irish Folk    
Music, Polka Music, Oktoberfest Music

Traditional instruments: 2 Clarinets, trumpet, trombone and tuba

If you are planning a fundraising activity this year consider an Oktoberfest event. The Happy Five Oompah Band is available to make the experience complete with traditional Bavarian songs and sing along titles.       Energize you next event with live music.

Some of the music we perform: German Folk Music, Waltzes, Polkas, Marches, In the Deep Wine Cellar, Stewed & Pickled, Come on with the Beer, He Li-Hi Lo.  We can also perform some   sing along titles: Ein Prost (we will teach the audience to sing it in German), In Heaven There is no Beer, The Little Brown Jug, Bill Bailey, The Beer Barrel Polka, What Shall We Do with a Drunkin’ Sailor, Barnacle Bill, Sweet Caroline, Country Roads and more.

   List of our Music

    Music Samples
       Around the Corner
       Drive But Don't Drink
       Come On With The Beer
       Have Another Drink
       Toast to All