Musica Historia

A six man group providing quality music with historical information in a interesting and fun format.

The group includes 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, Guitar/Banjo and vocalist

Music Samples for The Shakespeare Program: 
       Who is Sylvia - Two Gentleman form Verona
        The Willow Song - Othello
        Come Unto These Yellow Sings - The Tempest
        A Maske - Henry VIII    

Music Samples for The Presidential Campaign Program:

        George Washington - God Save Great Washington
        Martin Van Buren -  Rock A Bye Baby
        Benjamin Harding - You're the Man for Us
        Lyndon B Johnson - Hello Lyndon
        Ronald Reagan - California Here We Come

Shakespeare:  Life, time and Music of the plays

Fanfare: Shakespeare started many of his plays with a trumpet fanfare to quiet the audience

Henry VI part II: Music -The Carman's Whistle - Falstaff is speaking about Justice Swallow

Henry VI  part I: Music -  the play calls for Musicke, as a dramatic pause before the battle of Shrewsbury

Titus Andronicus: Music - Titus Andronicus Complaint - ballad about the Roman general, Titus, and his revenge with the Goths Queen 

Two Gentlemen of Vernoa: Music - Light of  Love - Occurs after a conversation between Julia and Lucetta in the Garden at Julia's house.

Two Gentlemen of Vernoa:  Music -  Who is Sylvia - Proteus and his musicians in offering a serenade to Silva

Love's Labour's Lost:  Music - When Daisies Pied  -    Sung after the "Nine Worthies" has been presented before the King and the Princess.

Romeo and Juliet: Music - When Griping Grief -  Peter speaks to the musicians and requests that they play a merry dump.

Romeo and Juliet: Music -  The Hunt is Up-  Morning song for  new married wife, the day after the marriage takes place in Capulet's orchard, Juliet is speaking to Romeo

Richard II: Music - Playford  - Richard is thinking of love,  a groom appears and plays a tune.

Henry IV part II: Music - Nobodies Jug -  Jig is performed by a dancer that speaks of the coming Play Henry V

Music Ado about Nothing:  Music - Sick Tune - Song is based on a historical incident in 1571 in which captain Carr and soldiers burned a house and its occupants in the struggle between Mary Queen of Scots and her son James.

Music Ado About Nothing: Music - Height Hi For A Husband - The conversation takes place in Hero's apartment

Henry V: Music - Victory of Agincourt - Music takes place in the English camp and celebrates the victory at the battle of Agincourt.

Julius Caesar: Music - Go to Bed Sweet Muse - Brutus is speaking to Lucius in the tent and after the song the ghost to Caesar appears.

As You Like It: Music - It was A Lover and His Lass - Touchstone the jester, who has been wooing the country wench Audrey. sits between two pages who sing this song.  

A You Like It: Music -  O Sweet Oliver -  sung by Touchstone  to taunt Sir Oliver Martext after Jaques  has persuaded him to be married by a more respectable clergyman.

As You Like It: Music - What Shall We have that Kill'd the deer The conversation takes place in the forest.

Twelfth Night:  Music - The Earl of Salisbury Pavan - The Pavan is a slow stately dance

Twelfth Night:  Music - Hey Jolly Robin - by Sir Thomas Wyatt - Feste the clown baits Malvolio with this song.

Twelfth Night:  Music  -  O Mistress Mine by Thomas Morely - Sir Toby Belch calls  for a love song. 

Twelfth Night:  Music -  When That I Was and a little tiney boy  - sung by Feste as a whimsical autobiography,  concludes the play  which is itself a celebration of misrule, with a plot driven by disguise, mistaken identity and practical jokes.   

Hamlet: Music - Tarleton's Resurrection -  This song is a lament for the famous clown Richard Tarleton, believed by some  to be the person Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote the "Alas, poor Yorick" speech to Hamlet.

Hamlet:  Music - The Earle of Oxford's March  - by William Byrd  - A Danish March during the dumb show.  

Merry Wives of Windsor:  Music - Greensleeves  - Mistress Ford is speaking to Mistress Page in Page's house. 

Merry Wives of Windsor:  Music -  And Down, Down -  conversation takes place in Doctor Caius' house, Mistress Quickly is speaking to Rugby then goes into the song  And Down, Down.

Troilus and Cressida: Music - In act 3 scene it calls for offstage music. This music was written in 1599 by Anthony Holmorne

Measure for Measure: Music - Take O Take Those Lips Away - By John Wilson, it is believed that this song was written for this play.  Marina enters with the boy singing

Othello:  Music - And Let Me the Canaker Clink - A drinking song sung by Lago after he is enticed Cassio to join the Drinking.

Othello: Music - The Willow Song - Sung by Desdemona as she undresses herself to go to the bed and is afraid Othello is angry with her.   Considered the saddest song in Shakespeare and is most likely the original tune.   

King Lear:  Music - Paradizo - Music is a symbol representing the return to Lear's discordant  mind to harmony

MacBeth: - Music - used to bridge the passage of time

Antony and Cleopatra: Music -  Satyre  - Dance of Pompey - the play calls for a loud consort,  this is a Satyre's Masque of the time 

Cymbeline: Music - Hark Hark the Lark by Robert Johnson. This is one of the few songs that survived in the original setting. Cloten  serenades Imogen:

The Winter's Tale: Music - Jog On Jog On  by John Hilton - sung by Autolycus, in the first stanza as he peddles his wares at the  shearing feast and leaves the stage.     

The Tempest:  Music - Full Fathom Five - sung by Ariel that Ferdinand believes that his father perished in the sea.  

The Tempest:  Music - Where the Bee Sucks - Sung by Ariel of the life of freedom he will enjoy as he perform the last task to help Prospero.  

The Tempest:  Music - Come Unto Thee yellow Sands - Ariel is singing off stage.  

Henry VIII: Music - Orpheus and his lute - Takes place in the apartment of Queen Katherine and she is speaking to the other women.  

Henry VIII: Music - A Maske - A dance at Cardinals Wolsey's York Palace where Henry the VIII meets Anne Boleyn



 Presidential Campaign Music and sing-a-long

Start - Presidential March 1789 -  Presidents Quick Step

1789  George Washington (no party) Song: God Save Great Washington (tune God Save the King)  

1792  George Washington (Federalist) Song: Hail Columbia 

1796  John Adams (Federalist)  Song: Adams and Liberty by Thomas Paine  -  (tune Star Spangled Banner an old English drinking song)

1800  Thomas Jefferson  (Democratic-Republican) Song: For Jefferson and Liberty  (tune is an old Irish jig called  The Gobby-O

1804  Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)    no music

1808  James Madison (Democratic-Republican) Song: President Madison March  - performed at his inaugural ball in 1809

1812  James Madison (Democratic-Republican)  -  no music

1816  James Monroe  (Democrat-Republican) Song: Monroe is our Man  (tune Young Lochinvar)

1820  James Monroe  (Democrat-Republican)   no music

1824  John Quincy Adams (Democrat-Republican) Song: Grand March

1828  Andrew Jackson - (Democrat) Song: The Hunters of Kentucky or Hickory Wood   (tune The unfortunate Miss Bailey)

1832  Andrew Jackson (Democrat) Song: Hail to the Chief was first performed to honor the office of President at the inaugural Ball of  Andrew Jackson by the Marine  Band in 1828 

1836  Martin Van Buren (Democrat)

Song: Rockabye Baby   (tune Rockabye Baby)  This song calls the opposing parts a bunch of drunks

1840   William Henry Harrison  (Whig)  Song:  The Harrison Yankee Doodle (tune Yankee Doodle)  this was not his primary song but it's the best

 ---  John Tyler  Song:  Rough and Ready  (tune Yankee Doodle)

1844  James Polk (Democrat)  Song: Democrats to Arms (tune Rosin the bow) 

1848  Zachary Taylor (Whig) Song: Run-a-dum Dum and Then go it boys, strong and steady  (tune Old Dan Tucker)

- ----  Millard Fillmore (Whig) Song: The Union Wagon (tune wait for the wagon)

1852  Franklin Pierce (Democrat) Song: Pierce and King (tune Nelly Bly)

1856  James Buchanan  (Democrat) Song: The Wheelbarrow or cider Polka

1860  Abraham Lincoln (Republican) Song:  Lincoln and Liberty  (tune is Rosin the Bow)

1864  Abraham Lincoln (Republican)  Song: Battle Cry for Freedom

 ----- Andrew Johnson  (Democrat) Song: Just Before Election Andy   

1868  Ulysses S Grant  (Republican)  Song: Grant Grant Grant -  (tune - tramp tramp tramp) 

1872  Ulysses S Grant (Republican)  no music 

1876  Rutherford B Hayes  (Republican) Song The Humbug Reform

1880  James Garfield  (Republican) Song: If the jonnies get into power again   (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

 ----- Chester A Arthur  Song: President Arthur March

 1884  Grover Cleveland  (Democrat)  Song: Democrats, Good Democrats  (tune - Maryland, My Maryland) 

1888   Benjamin Harrison (Republican) Song:  The Mugwumps Met Him on the Way  (tune -  John Brown Body)

1892  Grover Cleveland (Democrat)  Song:  Oh You Naughty Bosses (tune- Yankee Doodle)

1896  William McKinley  (Republican) Song: Marching with McKinley (tune - Maryland My Maryland) 

1900  William McKinley (Republican)   Song:  McKinley is the Man

1904  Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) Song: A Hot time in the old town tonight

1908  William Howard Taft  (Republican) Song:  Get on the Raft with Taft

1912  Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) Song:  Wilson, that's All1916  Woodrow Wilson (Democrat)  no music

1920  Warren G Harding   (Republican) Song:  Harding, You're the Man for us (by Al Jolson)

1924  Calvin Coolidge  (Republican) Song:  Keep Cool with Coolidge

1928  Herbert Hoover (Republican) Song:  Hoover and Lindbergh (tune - Auld Lang Syne)

1932  Franklin D Roosevelt (Democrat)  Song:  Happy Days Are Here Again

1936  Franklin D Roosevelt  (Democrat) Song:  That's Why were Voting for Roosevelt    (tune  Marching through Georgia)

1940  Franklin D Roosevelt  (Democrat) Song: FDR Back again

1944  Franklin D Roosevelt  (Democrat) no music

1948  Harry S Truman  (Democrat) Song: I'm Just Wild About Harry

1952  Dwight D Eisenhower (Republican) Song:  I  Like Ike by Irving Berlin

1956  Dwight D Eisenhower  (Republican)    no music

1960  John F Kennedy  (Democrat) Song: High Hopes

1964  Lyndon B Johnson (Democrat) Song:  Hello Lyndon  (tune Holly Dolly)

1968  Richard Nixon (Republican)  Song: Buckle Down with Nixon1972

 Richard Nixon (Republican)  no music

 ----  Gerald Ford  Song: I'm Feeling Good About America

1976  Jimmy Carter  (Democrat) Song: Why Not The Best

1980  Ronald Reagan (Republican)  Song: California Here We Come

1984  Ronald Reagan  (Republican)  no music

1988  George Bush (Republican)  Song:  This Land is Your Land (by Woody Guthrie)

1992  Bill Clinton (Democrat)  Song Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow by Fleetwood Mac

1996  Bill Clinton (Democrat)   no music

2000  George W Bush (Republican)  no music

2004  George W Bush (Republican)  Song:  Only in American (by Brooks and Dunn)

2008  Barack Obama (Democrat)  

2012  Barack Obama (Democrat) Song: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours by Stevie Wonder