The Premier Band present a wonderful and fun music a trivia show called  "Name that TV Show"

Trivia Night -  So you think you know the television shows that you loved and graced your TV Screen

Test your music skills,  Name the TV show,  Who were the main actors?  What town was the show in?   and much more trivia facts to bring back the old days!!

TV Trivia night are often used at club fund- raisers, parties, special events and dinners to rovide interactive entertainment for all.

Our program has 50 show and can be tailed to any length of performance. 

To name a few of the shows:  

Dick Van Dyke,  Mr Lucky, Family Guy,  Muppets,  Lone Ranger, Knots Landing, ABC NEWS,  Bewitched, , Andy Griffin, Mr Ed, Gomer  Pyle,  All In The  Family, Lawrence Welk, My Gidget,  St  Elsewhere, Secret Agent Man, Dating Game, Howdy Doody Show, Real McCoys, Popeye The Sailor Man, Hill Street, Hawaii  FIVE O, Munsters, Addams Family, Get Smart, ALF, Three's Company,  Falcon Crest,  Laverne and Shirley, Dragnet, Cheers, Smurfs, Mannix, Perry Mason, Hogan’s Heroes, Wings, Northern Exposure,  Donna Reed, Chico and The Man, Incredible Hulk, The Life and Legend of Wyatt  Earp, Entertainment Tonight, Thirty Something, Adventures in Paradise,  McHale’s Navy, Peter Gunn, Webster.

For more information contact  David Neill   413-686-5027,   email -          Premier Enertainment   PO Box 415  West Springfield, MA 01090