The Victorian Quadrille  Orchestra

The Victorian Quadrille Orchestra performs original 19th century dance music. The dance forms we present: Quadrille, Lancers, Mazurka, Waltz, March, Reels and other popular forms.  The orchestra can present a program with music only or with the Small Planet Dancers. 

Video from live performance  2015                                                       Grand March                     After Midnight Lancers                  Disputation Quadrille                                The Spanish Waltz                                   The Galop                                        Congenial Hearts Mazurka                   Dolores Lancers                                     Polka Esmeralda                                   Sailors Hornpipe                                Skidmore Mazurka                              Virginia Reels                                    Blushing Morn Polka                            Dream of Home Waltz

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David Neill